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Equipment for Sale?

While Vibrant has one of the world's leading inventories of used IT hardware, we 're always buying to replenish our stock.  We provide top cash offers / trade-in value for your excess IT!  Servers, Storage & Networking.

Worry-Free Remarketed IT, since 1998

Vibrant has one of the most experienced global logistics teams anywhere.  Our shipping specialists can pick up equipment virtually anywhere in the world and get it delivered safely and cost effectively to our facility.  We can decommission and pack when needed or merely pickup at your dock or door.

But how does it get there?...

Data Erasure & Asset Recovery.

Vibrant has a leading industry practice around data erasure and can scrub your drives as part of a purchase.  We offer all levels of disk erasure from simple wipes to multi-pass DOD level certified erasures.  We also properly scrap all excess equipment with a re-use first, no landfill policy.

"Vibrant is always trying to keep me as a long term customer.  They're doing everything they can to make sure I'm happy. I know  that they're skilled and knowledgeable in everything they do."

Erick Jensen

SysAdmin, IVDesk

“Vibrant saves us time and money, and that makes me look good to my management.
What more can I say?”

Mike Kohorst

IT Manager, Ryan Construction

Since 1998, Vibrant has served over 10,000 clients worldwide providing over a billion dollars worth of data center hardware.  A commitment to quality and long-term relationships keeps buyers coming back, again and again.

Vibrant Technologies

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